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Local Government

City Council Meetings

Attending and speaking at your City Council meetings is great way to get involved in your local government. Many of the issues that aren't taken care of at the state or federal level rely on local government for resolution.

School Board Meetings

School Board meetings are a great way to keep up with local public education, and gives you an opportunity to contribute to shaping your community's schools.

Tarrant County Commissioner's Court Meetings

County Commissioner's Court meetings, led by your County Judge, are another good option for participating in your local government. Often an overlooked governing body, this is where county-level decisions are made, such as election administration, public health, and transportation, just to name a few.

Event Request

Interested in having Representative Collier attend one of your events in HD 95 or nearby community? Want the Rep. to speak at your neighborhood meeting? Please email your request to

Our office will respond to your request as soon as possible. If you prefer, call our district office at (817) 332-1180.

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